Not forgotten… but life gets in the way

Oh, timing.

Shortly after I started this blog in early April, I got called when my name reached the top of a year-long waiting list to attend a three-month outpatient Pain Management Program at the local specialty clinic. That was intense, and sucked up all my spare energy and brainpower for three months. It gave me lots of tools to improve my quality of life and get more functional, so I was looking forward to applying them and building this blog much more in the summer.

Instead, I got a notice of lease termination in June, because the owner of my beloved apartment (with its spectacular view of the lake featured in the rotating headers on this blog) was moving back to Toronto and so Spouse and I had to go. Finding a new place in the ridiculously tight rental market, and then getting ourselves and our pets and the yarn stash all moved, was quite an ordeal, but now I am finally getting settled in our new home.

The new place lacks the view of the water from the apartment, but the building has a 19th floor terrace with an even more spectacular view of Lake Ontario and the city, and it’s much closer to all the yarn I could want! Walking distance to a few wonderful LYSs, and easy direct transit to a couple more favourites. Plus it’s on the edge of Toronto’s fashion district and famous graffiti alley to provide even more inspiration.

So I’ll have plenty to post about soon — I just need to get the yarn unpacked!